Best Practice client lifecycle

Dec 21 / Clarity Street
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Welcome to our final Clarity Calls webinar of the year! During this session, we will be covering the best practices for managing the client lifecycle. The session will address key aspects such as understanding where the lifecycle begins and ends, identifying the appropriate owner, and explaining the importance of actively managing it.
Many accountants aspire to do more than just tax and compliance, and yet, countless professionals struggle to break free from this restrictive cycle. It's time to unleash your true potential by getting on top of your client lifecycle, ensuring you meet your lodgement requirements while expanding your horizons.
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What You Will Learn in This Session
Understanding the Best Practice Client Lifecycle: 
  • Where it starts
  • Where it ends
  • Who should own it
  • Why you should manage it
This session explores the effectiveness of the Internal Compliance Workflow Process, comparing it to the traditional approach that often leads to delays and inefficiencies. Discover the power of a proactive approach, where you can seamlessly connect with your clients whenever you're ready, with the assistance of an integrated App solution.
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Please see a recording of this session below.