Excel Tips & Tricks - Pivot Tables & V-Lookups

Are you looking to enhance your Excel skills and streamline your accounting practices? Look no further than Clarity Street's Clarity Calls webinar. In this session, we dive deep into the world of Excel, uncovering its hidden powers and showcasing the invaluable tips and tricks that every accounting professional should know.

This session explores the power of Excel in revolutionising your day-to-day operations. From comparing spreadsheets to detecting duplicates effortlessly, you'll discover a world of possibilities that Excel brings to your accounting practice.
Here's a breakdown of what you can expect from this session:

How to Use a VLOOKUP to Compare Two Spreadsheets
VLOOKUP is a powerful function in Excel that allows you to search for a specific value within a table and retrieve corresponding information from another column. In this webinar, you'll learn how to use VLOOKUP to compare data between two spreadsheets, saving you valuable time and effort in cross-referencing information.
How to Use a Pivot Table and Pivot Chart
Pivot tables are a game-changer when it comes to analysing and summarising large amounts of data. You'll discover how to transform raw data into meaningful insights with just a few clicks. Additionally, we'll explore the power of pivot charts to present your data in visually compelling ways.
How to Search for Duplicates Easily
Dealing with duplicate records can be a tedious task. However, Excel offers a straightforward solution to identify and eliminate duplicates effortlessly. Learn practical techniques for finding and removing duplicates from your spreadsheets, ensuring data accuracy and efficiency in your accounting practice.

How to Use the Grouping / Sub-totalling Functionality
Grouping data and creating subtotals is an essential skill for organising and summarising data in Excel. We'll guide you through the steps to effectively use the grouping and subtotalling functionality, enabling you to quickly analyse and present data at various levels of granularity.
You can view a recording of the session below. Simply click play to kickstart your journey to Excel mastery.
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