Productivity & Budgets in XPM

Are you wondering how to enhance the performance of your practice and ensure efficient and timely completion of work? Look no further as Clarity Street brings you an informative session on Productivity & Budgets in XPM. In this webinar, we will guide you through practical steps to track productivity, manage budgets effectively, and optimise your workflow using XPM and Karbon.
In this session we will provide you with insightful knowledge and real-world strategies to gauge the performance of your practice. By tracking productivity and diligently working towards budgets, you can ensure that your firm operates efficiently, and your projects are completed on time.

Gone are the days of manually managing every piece of work or struggling to assess if your pricing is accurate. Will demonstrate why tracking, measuring, and adjusting are crucial for your practice's success. By implementing these practices, you can evaluate the accuracy of your pricing, the robustness of your internal processes, the skill levels of your team members, and identify the need for any additional training.

A clean and concise workflow system is imperative for any successful practice. We discuss how to develop a workflow system that allows you to assess your capacity and confidently take on more client work. Additionally, you will gain valuable insights on meeting deadlines and ensuring client satisfaction, ultimately contributing to a happy practice, a happy team, and happy clients.
Join this engaging webinar to discover key strategies and tools used in XPM and Karbon that will boost your practice's productivity and help you navigate budgets with ease. Learn valuable techniques such as entering budgets in XPM and Karbon, tracking and measuring progress, understanding the continued importance of timesheets, and utilising reports to monitor productivity effectively.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills that will revolutionise your practice's performance.
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